A Monster’s Statement

	Who I am, how I came to be, the crimes I have committed all stem to Victor Frankenstein. I have no name no identity, theses hands belong not to this body, these legs are borrowed belongings to men long past. Men who did not wish this fate upon their limbs. Did not wish to be a part of this creation. Men don’t wish it and I do not wish it. “Did I request thee maker, from my clay to mold me man? Did I solicit thee, from darkness to promote me?”
	Now I do not wish to be here, not here as in this court room, but here as in on this earth. An earth where “Everywhere I see bliss, from which I alone am irrevocably excluded.” How is it that a man can bring life into this world, whether it be born from love or science, and then abandon that life. Because that is what Victor Frankenstein did to me.
“Unfeeling, heartless creator! You had endowed me with perceptions and passions and then cast me abroad an object for the scorn and horror of mankind.”  You mourn the death of William, Justine, Henry, and Elizabeth, the ending of a life, yet you abandon life when you create it? “No father had watched my infant days, no mother had blessed me with smiles and caresses; or if they had, all my past life was now a blot, a blind vacancy in which I distinguished nothing.” I was lost in this world, with no hand to guide me through. That hand should have been yours, but no, you became consumed with your fear and abandoned the life you created. 
	You may blame the deaths of William, Justine, Henry, and Elizabeth on me, but they are as much my fault as yours. Until my encounter with William I did not understand the fine boundaries between life and death. I walked this country and learned language, I was mean and women love, I observed compassion, but never did I witness death. That knowledge was absent in me. All I seeked was a child’s compassion, instead I received fearful shrieks, desperate to quiet him I placed a hand around his throat -- it was then I learned of death.
	There seems to be a primal instinct in all of us - or else we would not be in this courtroom today. Instinct tells us to look out for ourselves -- others later. That is why Frankenstein is on trial, instead of accepting his punishment. I hid the locket in Justine’s pockets for self preservation. It was instinct, rid myself of the evidence. Even then I did not know the consequences of my actions but that is because I lacked the education. Education- Morals- that should have been taught to me by my absent father. Therefore Frankenstein -- Justine’s blood, stains my hands as much as it stains yours.  
	“But now that virtue has become to me a shadow, and that happiness and affection 
are turned into bitter and loathing despair, in what should I seek for sympathy ?“ Frankenstein had the option to stop the violence, he had the chance to finally provide to his monster son -- yet he rejects my wishes. All I wanted was another, some one to show me the love this would has denied me. Imagine seeing your one chance at love, compassion, companionship, and family torn apart in front on your eyes. 
	The death of Cleval and Elizabeth: my one pure act of revenge, my one pure act for justice. “I remembered Adam's supplication to his Creator. But where was mine?” Adam received an Even, what about me? Onto the ark, the animals had a partner, yet I have none. The plurging of emotions, the love of another-- I will always be alone in this world. “Satan had his companions, fellow devils, to admire and encourage him, but I am solitary and abhorred.” 
	“I will revenge my injuries; if I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear, and chiefly towards you my archenemy, because my creator, do I swear inextinguishable hatred.”


How to Prevent Your Life from Becoming a Horror Story

The tale of Frankenstein is a frightful one — once you get through reading the dull romantic description surrounding the backbone of the tale. Honestly, I scary movies and horror stories freak me out. I am the biggest scared-y cat ever. So it is only rational that while reading Frankenstein I thought of numerous ways the entire monster situation could have been avoided. Therefore, this blog will be completely devoted to listing the many ways to preventing the horror stories from taking place — sometimes focusing on Frankenstein and other times hit movie horrors.

Deep Breath….. Here we go!

1. Never ever ever ever split up. That is how you die. Come on, really? You think it is a good idea to wonder into a corn field at night, by yourself? You are just asking for it.

2. Do not be afraid to make sacrifices — even if that means leaving your friend behind. Some friends of mine were watching Human Centipede last night (SOOOO DISGUSTING) and one girl was trying to escape. She would have to if she wasn’t dragging around her unconscious friend. She was caught and made into number two in the centipede. Yuck. (I added a link to a photo of the Human centipede….  I just couldn’t put something that disgusting on my blog.)

3. Frankenstein should have just believed his professors when they told him what he once studied was outdated. Listen to your professors instead of trying to defy the basic laws of science.

4. If you feel like you about to be emerged into a horrifying murder/serial killer/zombie monster movie — do not scream. If you must scream, do it silently or at low pitch. They tend to kill of the girls who scream high pitch first.

5. Hypothetically, if you do create a monster out of dead body parts, and  — hypothetically — if you succeed at bringing that monster to life, be nice to him.You created him! It was your idea, idiot! He is more confused of the series of events than you are. Really — do not run away and abandon him for 2 years. He might seek revenge and kill everyone you love.

Isn’t it Uncanny?

I felt that this was slightly uncanny.... Okay not really...


Here is the format of this blog for you: first define uncanny, then ask some questions that draw the reader (you) in personally and maybe create some self-refection or discovery, share a personal real life example, go back to the uncanny, link to monsters. Got it? Good, now we can move one.

Now the uncanny is a term first really thought dissected by Freud — yes he is a frequent visitor of my blog posts. The uncanny can be defined as a class of scary or frightening things that relate us back to the familiar.

So now I ask you:

What is it that makes you happy?

What arouses you?

Where do your deepest pleasures come from?

What brings you the greatest comfort?

As a human being you claim to be “different,” “unique,” and “special.”  You have created a “look” that just belongs to you; your voice is only reach through your body; and your fingerprints will forever being tattling on you. No one is quite like you, right? That is what we want to believe, but truth is slightly depressing. You are wrong. You are not unique after all.

In my oral communications class  during my sophomore year of high school, my teacher enlightened the class of our un-uniqueness. She told us that out there somewhere  there is another person exactly like you. Some one who shares your curiosity, humor, thought process, and even sence of style and self. Your finger prints may never match up — since you are not biologically the same — but the emotional and psychological parts of you are the same. She then proceeded to tell us each off a former student she had that shared the same qualities as us. Uncanny, ehh? I am apparently like some girl named Bianca… hmmmm…

Now my best friend from high school is very unique. We never thought we would ever find her personality twin… til she went to college. Her roommate is so much like her is SCARY  UNCANNY. The get excited over the same silly things, they tell the same jokes,  and they both have trouble controlling their volume levels. The best part is one is from Illinois and the other is from Colorado. Therefore you cannot blam their living environments from the similarities.

Now to the monsters…

While in class we investigated how vampires seem uncanny. To me, it is because they appear so human, but find please in deeds we consider taboo, evil, and monstrous. Now most  humans find comfort in food, sleep, and sex (this is very generalized people). vampires, at least more modernized ones, look like us and talk like us. They can cause us to desire and fall in love with them. They can become a friend, a lover and a partner — Yet they do not sleep.Their greatest pleasure and desire comes from drinking blood. Our blood.

Now, Remember back to the definition of uncanny: something that frighten us due to its familiarity.

 Uncanny, ehh?

The Great Giants of Britain

So here is the random fact of the day:

My Favorite Line in the Reading

Did you know the Britain was once named Albion and was ruled by a brutish race of giants? True stuff. And did you know that those Giants were there due to women — yes women. It’s funny how us women get blamed for everything. I mean my boyfriend blames me for his grades. He is the one who choose to study — not me… sorry I went off on a soap box.

Anyways, the giants got there due to twenty or thirty sisters (numbers depend on the story) that were married off to men and decided the did not like being suppressed by men anymore. They were all going to hide a dagger under their pillow and stab their husband in the middle of the night. Now of course the youngest sister tattles to her husband who tattles to her father — the king —  who tattles to the rest of the husbands. In punishment for being unfaithful wives, the women a packed onto a boat and put out to sea without any oars or sails. While on the boat, the women become impregnated by evil spirits, the devil, or fallen angels depending on the version of the story. The boat lands on the island we would one day call England.

And so are born the giants.

Now in class we brought up the question why does the legend of the giants exist? Does Britain need the legend? I believe Britain does need the legend. I believe that all countries need some sort of founding story to rally upon. Every country has their own story. Greek has its many Gods. Rome has the tale of Romulus and Remus. America has it Native American Myths and Big Foot. If feels good to say we come from something.

It feels good to have a hero and a heritage.


Dear Blog reader, up until this point on my post I have been acting as if this blog was just pure inspirational ramblings. I guess so is as good as any time to tell you the creation of this blog page is due a class assignment. (Surprising? I’m aware, but dear reader, odds are you are in my class and understand.) My deepest apologies for misleading you to believe these posts were pure inspiration.

Back to the Blog:

Today I watched my first episode of True Blood! And, minus the many sexy scenes, it was very entertaining (I am sure the sex scenes are entertaining to some though).

One of the Hottest Casts on TV



At first I felt that the southern accents took away from the action on-screen, but as the episode progress the southern accents grew on me — potentially because the concept fit so well in the southern Louisiana setting. Besides, I could never see it taking place some like the middle of Illinois.

The South is known for its conservative ways, its Hail Mary churches, and its southern gentlemen — making it the perfect place for a vampire love story, or what ever the plot of  True Blood is. (I have only seen one episode,remember?) Because, well, when it comes to vampires who could resist a sweet southern accent, a nice chiseled physique, and eighteenth century etiquette. I mean, I would so date a vampire is he called me miss, walked me to my front door, and asked me “When may I call on you?” Like, how charming is that? Chivalry in this day and age is dead, and any woman who happen upon it better snatch it up before the sun comes up. …Sorry for the vampire joke…

Louisiana Its hot. Its steamy. Its sticky and sweaty. Charge it with lust filled vampires — who would not want to take their clothes off? There is something monstrous about losing control of one’s sexual urge. To not be able to control the most priminal urges — it is a scary thought.

True Blood

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Oh Beowulf, how boring a read you are! Why with the big words, and abstract  analogies, you made it very possible for me to visit Sparknotes!

But really, Beowulf proved to be a very…  interesting read. The description of the monster Grendel fascinates me. Why? Because there really is no description —  that is the beauty of it. The monster is whatever we create him to be. Even Grendel’s mother is a mystery to us. What defines them as monsters is the acts that they do and the feelings those acts invoke in us.

For instance: a man walks into an IHOP carrying a machine gun. He opens fire on eleven people in the restaurant , including a table of National Guard members. Four total died, three of them Guard members. The man the selfishly took his own life.

Now how do feel about that? (Please imagine this line as if asked by a clinical psychologist.) Do you take this man’s actions to heart? Do you feel like what he did was wrong, heartless, evil, and perhaps monstrous? Why? Because he killed innocent people? Because he killed soldiers that have risked their lives for our country, and therefore, for him? Or because what he did was unjustified?

Grendel the Monster was scary, not because of his looks, but because what he did was unjustified. Drunk men feel asleep in the mead-hall, assuming safety. National Guard members eat at IHOP simply to enjoy a syrup-y meal. They did not expect death to be forced on them. When innocence is robbed, that is when we create monsters. We may feel a fear when we see or imagine a grotesque looking monster, but that is only a physical manifestation of the fear. When the monster has breached the boundaries of our emotions, makes us feel apathy for its victims, that is when they become truly monstrous. The finally hold the power.

W.W.S.D. What Would Siggy Do?

          So around two nights ago I had a very restless night. First, I could not fall asleep. After 22 minutes (I like to pay close attention to the clock before I go to bed) of shifting positions and flipping the pillow, I caved in my attempt at a natural sleep cycle and chased down two Excedrin PM with a medium warm glass of water. Finally, about 34 minutes later, sleep over came me, thanks to a lovely combination of acetaminophen and diphenhydramine.

Miss Muffet: Many People's Biggest Fear in a Children's Nursery Rhyme

       Not long after dozing off, my dreams became consumed with hairy, venomous, eight legged monsters. Spiders. My biggest fear. (Seriously, one dropped down beside me once on my table and initiated a panic attack. They scare me away faster than they scare Little Miss Muffet.)

        Anyways, I was constantly being attacked by millions of spiders. I was trapped in a house full of an endless amount of rooms with a spider in every corner. FREAKED ME OUT.

        My adventure continued with another bad dream. The details are slightly hazy, but it involved my roommate dying. Then I woke up at 7:30 AM and — no matter how hard I desperately tried — could not fall back to sleep.

The Many Colors of Siggy

 To find a deeper meaning to my dreams, we can look into the studies of   Sigmund Freud’s ( or Siggy as my psychology professor prefers to refer to him) Interpretation of Dreams. Now Freud thought dreams to be a method of “wishful  fulfillment:” a way for our unconscious mind to solve some sort of conflict or  harbored emotions.

   So do my dreams mean I have some deep hatred for my roommate rooted in my unconscious? That I want her dead? I doubt it. And what about the spider dream? The spiders are what my unconscious mind used to symbolize a deep inner fear. According to Freud, most of the information in the unconscious realm of the mind is to harsh and unruly for our conscious mind. One interpretation could be: the spiders represent my brother and sister domination over me. (Freud also had a thing for dark sibling rivalries.) The house with the endless number of rooms could be seen as life or a never-ending cycle of failure — since I failed at every attempt to escape the spiders. My only way to fear myself was waking up, entering another state of mind: consciousness. This could be seem as a metaphor for death; it is a crossing over from one realm to another.

    Now, I do not believe in all of Freud’s theories; most of them in today’s day and age have been proven wrong. But Freud did do some great ground breaking studies and was the first to study dreams — a course of work still in progress. Everything had to start somewhere, and I think Freud and his irrational theories provided a great springboard into the study of dreams and the unconscious.

P.S. I really don’t want to kill my roommate. I promise.