Robot Jesus

So we have finished reading I,Robot and it has promise to be the best book we have read in class this semester. It did a great job at holding my attention and compelling me to read onward, which I feel is a necessity in books, though some of the considered “best” books lack this quality. I liked reading little individual stories that contributed to a whole. I found it very similar to many televisions series, such as House, CSI, and even Two and a Half Men.  You, know how its nice to watch one episode and enjoy it without being completely at a lost with what is going on.

Anyways, I figured we can tie a few of the robots in the book to come motifs thought history and literature, because I just could help noticing the robots connections to such frequently used subjects.

The two I have in mind: Robbie and Cutie.

First we have Robbie who can be seen as a metaphor of a southern family and their African American nursemaid in the early 1900’s. (Though this could be because I just watched The Help— BTW GREAT MOVIE)  Gloria’s mother thinks it bad for her daughter to spend to much time with the robot and to treat it like an equal. She fears what society will think. Very similar to white women’s view of black women raising their children. We can even see how Robbie’s favorite story — Cinderella — is suggestive. Its a story of a girl in an almost slave-like position rising up to being in a higher rank than her suppressors.

We look at the chapter featuring Cutie, we can see many biblical motifs. The concepts of creator, master, and greater being arise multiple times throughout the chapter. Cutie this he is some sort of messiah, sent to establish the greater race. Now thinking about it, i guess this could be seen as a Nazi Germany references as well… hmmmm…

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