Pet Robots Unite!!

So I read the first chapter of IRobot this week, and I am lacking the witty inspiration to blog about. I mean, all I can really come up with is, “Awwwwwwwwww, Robbie is so freaking adorable. I wish I had a pet robot….” and then I got to thinking. I have had a pet robot, we all have really! ( Please ignore the absolute statement. I did not mean actually every one.)

Remember all the silly toys we had as a child? Barbies and Barnies, Legos and Linkin’ Logs, and do not forget Hot Wheels and Hula Hopps. I’d like to call them timeless toys, because they are still prevalent in today’s culture. Give a little boy a Lego set and he is bound to build something, and give a little girl a few dolls or Barbies and she will most likely create a fantasy life for them. But them there are the toys that only kids in my generation will understand. Many of them were hand-me-down ideas from Japan’s pop culture, just still made a big splash in the US. Yep, I am talking about robots.

1. The Tamagotchi – Remember these little guys?  A digital pet that use raise on a little egged shaped chain that really was a computer? You could name them, raise them, train them, and even breed with your friend’s! Parents loved it because the little pets left no mess on the carpet.

2. The Game Boy Color – Oh, the Holy Grail of all things electronic from the 90’s. The Game Boy is a hunky piece plastic and compute chips that allows access to the wonderful world of Pokemon and many other addictive games. I still play it and I’m 19. Enough said.


3. The Fuby – Probably the creepiest and most life-like robot there is. This little furry buddy haunts many many many people’s dreams… 14 years after it was released into main stream market. According to Wikipedia, “Furbies were the first successful attempt to produce and sell a domestically-aimed robot.” It talked in the middle of the night, required feeding, and needed to be put to sleep. It should have its own chapter reserved in IRobot.

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