The New Woman

In class this week, Molly and I had to present Sally Ledger’s article “The New Woman and the crisis of Victorianism.” Reading the article was a learning experience, such as seeing how the New Woman Movement was connected– sometimes involuntary — with the decadent(sex fiend slutty woman), socialist movement, and eugenics. Now for the main portion of the project I created a photo video montage and stumbled upon so very interesting photos. These photos — which I will include in this post very shortly — got me thinking about who much society has morphed the portrayal of Dracula’s three woman.

Now the above photo is from the movie original  Dracula, filmed in 1931 and directed by Tod Browning. now look at Dracula’s three woman. they appear very modest, obedient, and -well- creepy. Of course they are beautiful woman, but there is no “sparkle” to them- that was not supposed to be a Twilight reference. By sparkle I mean, well, they don’t look like the type of women Jonathan would think of cheating on his fiance with… I feel this is an odd depiction of them, mainly due to the modesty and obedient poses. I felt the book created them to be more harlot like, and defiant of Dracula, after all it is his fault they are undead. Here they just look dull..

Next up are the lovely Dracula women from the 1992 film of Dracula, directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Don’t they look sassy? This is what I expected them too look like, minus the Greek goddess clothing. I think though the wardrobe suits them. It makes them look other worldly and gives them an ancient power of mystery. Since the book fails to tell us their origin, they could actually be from ancient Greek or Roman times. This adaption fails to go with the two brunettes and a blonde description from the novel, but I feel like they are closer to what Brom Stoker visualized than the 1931 version of the three brides/wives/sister or how ever you want to connect them to Dracula.


Now to the revamped – hahahahaha PUNNY – version of Dracula’s ladies, featured in Dracula 2000.  I wouldn’t use dull or sassy to describe them — its more like sexy. They reek sex appeal, which is basically what the decadent is.We can also find irony in their solid white dress. White is usually saved for those that a pure and innocent — something they clearly aren’t. Now I think they go a little bit over board on the sexy-ness with these three women, but it did lure in a large audience. I bet if we brought in Jonathan Harker from the 18th century I am pretty sure he would have cheated on Mina with these women.

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