My Personal Dracula Experience

The Count Himself and Me 🙂

Now, dear blog readers of mine, I am sure you did not know this, but I am a theater major. I’ve been doing theater since sixth grade and have been many a shows, but the first time I was in a leading role was during my sophomore year of high school. The play — The Seven Wives of Dracula. The role — Lucy.

This photo reminded me of in the actual text when Mina observes a dark figure behind Lucy at night during one of her sleep walking fits.

Now in this adaption of the play, Lucy and Jonathan are engaged. Yep. There the sappy annoying couple that just say each other’s name over and over again because they love the sound of it off their lips. It was disgustingly cute. the dialogue when: “Jonathan” Lucy.” Jonathan!” Lucy!” “Jonathan!!!” “Lucy!!!!” What makes it greater was at the end of the play, after Lucy is bitten by the Count their dialogue goes: “Lucy.” “Dracula.” “Lucy!” “Dracula!” ” Oh, Lucy!!!!” ” Oh, Dracula!!!” Showing how easily Lucy is persuaded to love another man. On of the few characteristics of the book carried over in the play — well beside the whole sucking blood vampire bit.

4 of Dracula's 7 Wives --- yes we are scary...

Now the entire place takes place in an insane asylum, which Lucy’s father runs. Again, not much like the book. There is a Renfeld, and he does enjoy eating flies, but mostly to eat them himself. There are also many other “mad” patients in the asylum; including a pair of twin sisters that finished each other’s eery sentences and an old woman obsessed with the undead.

Now, I know this had nothing to do with the reading, however, it shows how we all have our own preconceived ideas about the book, or any piece of literature in fact. Imagine how surprised I was when I read Jonathan was not engaged to Lucy, but to Mina! I felt a little betrayed! It shows how myths and legends, stories and tales become transformed over time.

Jonathan, Lucy, and Van Helsing from Left to Right

Jonathan, Lucy, and Van Helsing from Left to Right


2 thoughts on “My Personal Dracula Experience

  1. Corey says:

    Its really interesting to see you tie yourself into your post like this, if you can, please do it again 🙂

  2. Wow! You guys look like you really had fun in this play. I think its really interesting that some elements were kept the same and some drastically differed from the book. I also definitely agree with your statement about the book differing from what you might expect, since Dracula is this huge monster symbol in literature and film. When I first picked up the book, I had no idea that it rooted from such a strong political standpoint. I just thought it had become so iconic because it was sort or risque for such a time period.

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