Isn’t it Uncanny?

I felt that this was slightly uncanny.... Okay not really...


Here is the format of this blog for you: first define uncanny, then ask some questions that draw the reader (you) in personally and maybe create some self-refection or discovery, share a personal real life example, go back to the uncanny, link to monsters. Got it? Good, now we can move one.

Now the uncanny is a term first really thought dissected by Freud — yes he is a frequent visitor of my blog posts. The uncanny can be defined as a class of scary or frightening things that relate us back to the familiar.

So now I ask you:

What is it that makes you happy?

What arouses you?

Where do your deepest pleasures come from?

What brings you the greatest comfort?

As a human being you claim to be “different,” “unique,” and “special.”  You have created a “look” that just belongs to you; your voice is only reach through your body; and your fingerprints will forever being tattling on you. No one is quite like you, right? That is what we want to believe, but truth is slightly depressing. You are wrong. You are not unique after all.

In my oral communications class  during my sophomore year of high school, my teacher enlightened the class of our un-uniqueness. She told us that out there somewhere  there is another person exactly like you. Some one who shares your curiosity, humor, thought process, and even sence of style and self. Your finger prints may never match up — since you are not biologically the same — but the emotional and psychological parts of you are the same. She then proceeded to tell us each off a former student she had that shared the same qualities as us. Uncanny, ehh? I am apparently like some girl named Bianca… hmmmm…

Now my best friend from high school is very unique. We never thought we would ever find her personality twin… til she went to college. Her roommate is so much like her is SCARY  UNCANNY. The get excited over the same silly things, they tell the same jokes,  and they both have trouble controlling their volume levels. The best part is one is from Illinois and the other is from Colorado. Therefore you cannot blam their living environments from the similarities.

Now to the monsters…

While in class we investigated how vampires seem uncanny. To me, it is because they appear so human, but find please in deeds we consider taboo, evil, and monstrous. Now most  humans find comfort in food, sleep, and sex (this is very generalized people). vampires, at least more modernized ones, look like us and talk like us. They can cause us to desire and fall in love with them. They can become a friend, a lover and a partner — Yet they do not sleep.Their greatest pleasure and desire comes from drinking blood. Our blood.

Now, Remember back to the definition of uncanny: something that frighten us due to its familiarity.

 Uncanny, ehh?

One thought on “Isn’t it Uncanny?

  1. Corey says:

    I really like this post of yours, you really seem to understand the concept really well. I especially like the way you write in the setup of the post, and the interesting little thought provoker about vampires at the end.

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