The Great Giants of Britain

So here is the random fact of the day:

My Favorite Line in the Reading

Did you know the Britain was once named Albion and was ruled by a brutish race of giants? True stuff. And did you know that those Giants were there due to women — yes women. It’s funny how us women get blamed for everything. I mean my boyfriend blames me for his grades. He is the one who choose to study — not me… sorry I went off on a soap box.

Anyways, the giants got there due to twenty or thirty sisters (numbers depend on the story) that were married off to men and decided the did not like being suppressed by men anymore. They were all going to hide a dagger under their pillow and stab their husband in the middle of the night. Now of course the youngest sister tattles to her husband who tattles to her father — the king —  who tattles to the rest of the husbands. In punishment for being unfaithful wives, the women a packed onto a boat and put out to sea without any oars or sails. While on the boat, the women become impregnated by evil spirits, the devil, or fallen angels depending on the version of the story. The boat lands on the island we would one day call England.

And so are born the giants.

Now in class we brought up the question why does the legend of the giants exist? Does Britain need the legend? I believe Britain does need the legend. I believe that all countries need some sort of founding story to rally upon. Every country has their own story. Greek has its many Gods. Rome has the tale of Romulus and Remus. America has it Native American Myths and Big Foot. If feels good to say we come from something.

It feels good to have a hero and a heritage.

One thought on “The Great Giants of Britain

  1. Jessica DeSpain says:

    Yes, but why do these women have to come in for the brunt of it What role DO they play?

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