W.W.S.D. What Would Siggy Do?

          So around two nights ago I had a very restless night. First, I could not fall asleep. After 22 minutes (I like to pay close attention to the clock before I go to bed) of shifting positions and flipping the pillow, I caved in my attempt at a natural sleep cycle and chased down two Excedrin PM with a medium warm glass of water. Finally, about 34 minutes later, sleep over came me, thanks to a lovely combination of acetaminophen and diphenhydramine.

Miss Muffet: Many People's Biggest Fear in a Children's Nursery Rhyme

       Not long after dozing off, my dreams became consumed with hairy, venomous, eight legged monsters. Spiders. My biggest fear. (Seriously, one dropped down beside me once on my table and initiated a panic attack. They scare me away faster than they scare Little Miss Muffet.)

        Anyways, I was constantly being attacked by millions of spiders. I was trapped in a house full of an endless amount of rooms with a spider in every corner. FREAKED ME OUT.

        My adventure continued with another bad dream. The details are slightly hazy, but it involved my roommate dying. Then I woke up at 7:30 AM and — no matter how hard I desperately tried — could not fall back to sleep.

The Many Colors of Siggy

 To find a deeper meaning to my dreams, we can look into the studies of   Sigmund Freud’s ( or Siggy as my psychology professor prefers to refer to him) Interpretation of Dreams. Now Freud thought dreams to be a method of “wishful  fulfillment:” a way for our unconscious mind to solve some sort of conflict or  harbored emotions.

   So do my dreams mean I have some deep hatred for my roommate rooted in my unconscious? That I want her dead? I doubt it. And what about the spider dream? The spiders are what my unconscious mind used to symbolize a deep inner fear. According to Freud, most of the information in the unconscious realm of the mind is to harsh and unruly for our conscious mind. One interpretation could be: the spiders represent my brother and sister domination over me. (Freud also had a thing for dark sibling rivalries.) The house with the endless number of rooms could be seen as life or a never-ending cycle of failure — since I failed at every attempt to escape the spiders. My only way to fear myself was waking up, entering another state of mind: consciousness. This could be seem as a metaphor for death; it is a crossing over from one realm to another.

    Now, I do not believe in all of Freud’s theories; most of them in today’s day and age have been proven wrong. But Freud did do some great ground breaking studies and was the first to study dreams — a course of work still in progress. Everything had to start somewhere, and I think Freud and his irrational theories provided a great springboard into the study of dreams and the unconscious.

P.S. I really don’t want to kill my roommate. I promise.

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